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My Lovely Emma – joy, connection and shared moments

Wellbeing companion Carrie carried on visiting Emma regularly, even when Emma had been very sleepy and poorly. Carrie is delighted that Emma’s health has improved and they are now able to share jokes and conversations again. Hear more from Carrie how her visits to Emma bring special moments and joy to Emma’s life.

I have not written a blog in a while about Emma; I have still been visiting but she has been very sleepy all the times I have come to see her. I have sat by her bedside, often holding her hand, hoping that she might wake. I think that she had sensed that I was there, as she would occasionally stir or just have a small smile on her face. She has overcome a chest infection, where I felt that I had lost her at one point – and I had a few sleepless nights worrying that I might not see her again, but as ever she comes back fighting! I cannot tell you how much of a fighter this lady is, she contracted Covid during the pandemic – but did not let that beat her either!

When visiting on Monday I found her sitting up in bed, and wide awake! I made my way over to her and gently touched her arm as I asked her how she was today. She turned to the sound of my voice and smiled. ‘How are you duck?’ she asked. I told her I was well, and she nodded. ‘It’s quite hot today’ she stated, it was quite muggy so I asked if she would like a drink. She readily agreed.

I now need to assist with drinks using a spoon as the drinks have been thickened due to Emma having trouble swallowing. ‘Oh, does this have gin in it’ she asked, we both laughed until I found myself becoming a little teary, not just because of the joke we shared but because of the pure joy on seeing her like this and just loving the moment that we were sharing. It just felt like at that moment in time the world was on hold for us. The relief that after months of visiting where Emma has been so sleepy and leaving me wondering if I would ever hear her call me ‘duck’ again. Being a companion really is the best job in the world, to encourage that spark and to bring joy to someone – there really is no better feeling.

Seagull flying over waves - Photo by Steven Weeks on Unsplash

As Emma was feeling a little warm, and having the fan on, I thought I would try to use my CD of the seaside that I had brought ages ago – I had been dying to use it for months! When Emma had been asleep, I would sometimes turn it on in the background, in the hope that it might give her sweet dreams of sunning herself on the beach, or even swimming in the sea. But now I had a good opportunity to try it whilst she was awake.

The sounds of the waves crashing on the shore filled the room, the crying of the seagulls echoed and bounced off the walls, and Emma looked up and squinted as if she was trying to spot the gulls. I was not entirely sure if she could hear the waves (even though I had the CD player up full blast) she closed her eyes with a small smile, and then she leant towards me and softly whispered ‘the tide is in’ and held my hand tightly and brought it to her face, and we shared that moment together. It was just a moment, as she quickly tired and started dozing. I was so glad that I had caught this little moment with her and made up a million times for all those times that I was sitting there holding her hand and wishing that she would wake up.

By Carrie - Wellbeing Companion at Plan with Care

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