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Our Care and Wellbeing Services 

Ensuring the best possible quality of life for the rest of life.

We provide full wrap around care and wellbeing services, including light touch companionship, help to plan the future, and day-time or live-in care. Following your free initial consultation, you have one dedicated Care and Wellbeing Consultant who understands what's important to you and works with you and your team to maximise your quality of life.

We will support you in a crisis, and we thrive on putting in place a sustainable plan for the long term. Please get in touch to see how we can help you. 

Care and wellbeing at home

  • We provide care and wellbeing support however you need it.

  • Your dedicated Consultant calls and visits regularly to review your care and wellbeing.

  • Keep in touch with your Consultant and Care and Wellbeing Assistants however suits you.

Live in care

  • 70 hours of care from one Care and Wellbeing Assistant every week (provided by 2 Assistants on rotation).

  • Estimated costs: £1500 to £1890 per week.

Day time care

  • Between 4 and 8 hours  a day. 5 to 7 days a week.

  • Estimated costs: £640 to £1200 per week.

Wellbeing Companions

Many people that we support benefit from having a handpicked Wellbeing Companion who shares similar interests. They provide companionship and bring joy and positivity; they can also help solve problems and spot opportunities to further enhance wellbeing. They can visit people who live in their own homes or can go to see people living in care homes.​​​

  • Companions usually visit twice a week for 2 hours.

  • Usual cost: £65 to £130 per week. 

Care  and Wellbeing Assessment

We offer a care and wellbeing assessment visit (2 to 3 hours) and report at no cost presuming you decide to go ahead with us (£300 otherwise)

Care and wellbeing

Wellbeing membership

Wellbeing membership is ​included with all our Care and Wellbeing Packages

  • You have a dedicated Care and Wellbeing Consultant.

  • They call every month, and visit every 6 months.

  • They also update your Wellbeing plan every 6 months.

  • Your Consultant, and their team are available at any time. 

  • 25% off our pay as you go costs for specialist advice and support

We recommend having a Care and Wellbeing Consultant before you need care. This helps you to plan the care and wellbeing you want in the future. We also work together to improve wellbeing, which may delay or remove the need for care. 

Wellbeing membership costs £105 per month (£0 if you have a package).

Your planning the future report, including an initial visit (2 to 3 hours) and detailed plan to maximise wellbeing costs £600.

Pay as you go

We prefer to work long term with individuals and their families, However, we can provide support on a short term pay as you go basis.

  • Just pay £120 per hour for support from us when needed.

  • This includes support in a crisis.


Cancel at any time

You can cancel your wellbeing support with us at any time with no notice, you only pay for the work done. 

  • Cancel prior to the day of your assessment.

    • No charge, other than any transport we may have pre booked.

  • Cancel or pause within 24 hours of your initial assessment (before we start work on your report).

    • £300 plus any additional travel (as per our travel costs above) to cover the cost of the initial assessment.

    • If you are unsure at this point, all we ask is that you pause your membership with us, and we will hold off any further work until we have confirmation you wish to proceed. You can just say this to your consultant at the end of you intial meeting with them, and they will put it in writing for you, or alternatively you can email us or call the office.

  • Cancel at any point after your initial assessment

    • You only pay any outstanding costs for work done and your membership to date.

    • Your membership ends at the end of the month in which you gave notice (membership fees are applied on the first day of each month).

You can cancel at anytime simply by contacting us, and we will confirm in writing. You can also use our cancellation form.


You can cancel care services at anytime by giving 30 days notice.

Would you like to find out more?

If you’d like to book a free initial consultation or talk to us about our Wellbeing Membership, we’d love you to get in touch.
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