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Our approach is based around the three Es – ensure, enhance, exceed

Our services are designed to ensure core support is in place, and then enhance and exceed what is possible. We implement a 0–10 scoring system for each person we work with to enable us to track improvements in their wellbeing, and react quickly when adjustments are needed.

Ensure, Enhance, Exceed

Ensure – making sure the basics are in place



When basic needs alone are ensured, a client can score a maximum of five. We work with existing partners to ensure they are safe and nourished, and providing are and support where necessary to do this, with an eye for future improvements.

For solicitors we understand that you often feel a responsibility and pressure to address health and wellbeing, but this doesn’t fall into your remit when only providing power of attorney for financial affairs and property. We are here to support the care and wellbeing of your clients as much as is helpful.

Enhance – improving quality of life



When psychological needs are being fulfilled, wellbeing is enhanced and the client can attain up to eight. What Plan with Care does to deliver this is drill down into what will improve the quality of life for the individual. What do they love? What are their interests? What makes them tick? Then we facilitate this.

For the solicitors Plan with Care works with, our services enhance the offering they provide to their clients and relieve the pressure they often feel, as we are the ones ensuring their clients’ basic and psychological needs are both being met. The team effort suddenly sees loved ones thriving in the upper ranges of our scoring system, rather than languishing at the bottom.

Exceed – going beyond expectations



Achieving the highest score is when the self-fulfilment needs are being met and expectations are exceeded by enabling outcomes not thought possible. This does depend on the health and interests of the people we support – but, in the past, we have enabled clients to star in their own movie (with dementia specialist actors) and gone as far as organising rafting trips in Scotland.

We naturally want as many of the people we work with to score as near to 10 as possible, but this can’t be done without holistic support from many different services. By working together with solicitors, we can facilitate these services, complementing your service further.

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Aiming for Maslow’s Self-Actualisation

At Plan with Care, we implement a ‘three E’ approach – ensure, enhance, exceed – in line with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. In this framework, Maslow describes that while we all have a constant range of needs, our physiological and safety needs prevail over those for love, self-esteem, and then self-actualisation  – in that order. As such, we ensure that these physical and safety needs are met first and foremost, before moving on to enhance wellbeing by addressing one’s sense of attachment and belonging. Finally, we aim to exceed what most perceive to be achievable in later life; self-actualisation through meaningful creativity, and a sense of purpose.

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If you’d like more information on how we can help enhance and support later life, we’d love to talk things through with you. 

"Plan with Care have made a real difference to the lives of our clients. By suggesting adjustments and improvements to their care, facilitating activities and experiences and taking the time to get to know each individual and their circumstances they have enabled our clients to live the fullest lives possible."

Toby Crump, Hallett & Co Solicitors 

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