Finding what’s right for your loved one – and you

Being a carer for a loved one can put you under immense pressure. We all want to ensure our loved ones receive the right care, and the best wellbeing support possible. With an overwhelming amount of options available, we’re here to help with clear guidance, advice and the support to make it happen.

We understand what it’s like when a loved one reaches the stage of life where their health and wellbeing are in jeopardy. This could be due to conditions such as dementia, general old age or a particular illness. The one thing we want to avoid at all costs is them experiencing a significant drop in their quality of life – because everyone has the right to live life to the full.

Whether you’re looking for support because you’re in crisis, or you feel that your loved one is not living as well as they could, we can help. We’ll first ensure the right care is being provided, either in a care home or at home. Then, we’ll look at ways we can enhance their wellbeing and, where possible, we’ll exceed what you thought possible with our creative and tailored approach. .


Providing support for families

Our dedicated Wellbeing Consultants work closely with you and your loved one to find what is right for you both.

Your Wellbeing Consultant

Each family that we work with has a dedicated  Wellbeing Consultant who works closely and regularly with you, with the ultimate goal of maintaining the right level of support to ensure life is meaningful, rich, and brings connection with the things that bring joy, even when circumstances change.

Care home or care at home?

Everyone should have the right to stay at home as long as they wish. A care and wellbeing plan can be implemented wherever your loved one chooses to live. We can also advise on what measures to take to make a home setting as safe, comfortable and enriching as possible.


Wellbeing Membership

Our Wellbeing Membership is designed for long-term support. We look at what care needs are now, what they are likely to be in three years, ten years and beyond. This way, crises are avoided because changes in needs are planned for. We review this at least every six months with you and your loved one to ensure the best quality of support.

Financial forecasting

Good financial forecasting is intrinsic to ensuring sustainable best quality care, and is a key part of our planning. We can offer integrated financial planning from one of our trusted partners – or, if you already have a financial plan, you can simply let us know your circumstances.


Would you like to know more?

We offer a complimentary initial chat so you can find out more about how we could help support you and your loved one.

Our creative approach to support

Here at Plan with Care, we look at all aspects of later life and provide a creative and holistic approach that leads to a personalised and tailored care and wellbeing plan for as long as is needed. We sit down with you and your loved one and really get to know what makes them tick… or what made them tick in their younger days. That could be a passion for wildlife, running their own sewing shop, a love of jazz music or their five adored grandchildren.


That little bit extra makes all the difference 

Whatever it is, we have the creativity and expertise to include these passions in older people’s daily lives by teaming up with creative care specialists to deliver that all-important little bit extra. But, not only this, we establish what specialist needs your loved one has and facilitate the appropriate services, from nutritionists and aphasia (swallowing) specialists to mobility solutions for the home and dementia specialist poets and musicians.

Client stories

Have a read of these case studies to show exactly how we fulfil our mission by ensuring the basics, enhancing wellbeing and, where possible, exceeding expectations. They show exactly the type of creative and individual-centred support we offer here at Plan with Care – from Creative Companions working directly with people on activities like gardening, musical experiences and animal therapy, right through to facilitating services such as nutritionists, mobility solutions, moving individuals from poor quality care and supporting families and their loved ones with end-of-life circumstances. 


Ensure, enhance, exceed

Our work is based around three Es – ensure, enhance, exceed. The services we provide are designed to complement care that is already in place. We implement a 0–10 scoring system for each person we work with to enable us to track improvements in their  wellbeing, and react quickly when adjustments are needed.


How we work with you 

We get involved just as much as is helpful, from creating a plan and making recommendations which you then implement, through to providing a fully managed service where we take care of everything for you (though we can't currently manage care at home for you). What we aim to provide is always clear:

Ensure the basics are place - enhance quality of life - and exceed expectations where possible.

If you are in the middle of a crisis, we jump straight in and start supporting you and your loved one with whatever is needed. If you are in a reasonably stable situation, then our first step is one of our Wellbeing Consultants carrying out an assessment, where we get to know your situation and what is important to you. And, importantly, you get to meet us and check we are a good fit. From there, if you wish to proceed, we complete a formal report, and you can choose our Wellbeing Membership for ongoing support, or to get support on an as needed basis.

Available 8am until 8pm, you can contact us outside normal working hours, at weekends we are available 10am to 4pm and by appointment.

We are more than happy to offer a complimentary initial chat so you can find out more, and tell us about your situation. 

"I was desperate about my mother who had just been moved to a new care home and was extremely unsettled and unhappy and complaining about everything. I can only say that they provided the most incredible support: a strong shoulder to lean on; sympathy and empathy; practical and sound advice; a thorough knowledge and experience of the whole care home world as well as other forms of care; efficient and clear working processes; good value fees. We could not have got through the last nine months without Plan with Care and they have now set us up so that our mother is in a manageable situation as well as being a happier person.

I have already recommended Plan with Care to several friends and would continue to do so. I would also be very happy to answer any further questions about them."

Vicky Jardine Paterson, Daughter