Care at home

We provide live in and day time care at home.  We organise as much support as you choose, and find the right people to make it happen.

Wellbeing is at the heart of what we do. We see care as a part of, not the point of, our service.  We look holistically at what brings people pleasure, their relationships, their needs, and the things that are meaningful to them. 

If someone needs care at home we have our own paid carers and we are CQC registered. By employing our own carers (we call them Care and Wellbeing Assistants) we can offer a much higher quality of care and wellbeing support.  


We can provide regular care, including care for people with high support needs or who require end of life care. 

“We provide a quality of life service, not a care service. For many people having high quality care and support is critical to a good quality of life which is why we provide care when it is needed”

Our care services

Everyone we support has a dedicated Care and Wellbeing Consultant who spends time getting to know them in detail and assesses their care and wellbeing. 

Care and Wellbeing Consultants

Your Consultant puts in place a plan that ensures wellbeing is improved, in addition to care needs being met. The Consultant is the main point of contact for everything. 


The Consultant visits to review care and wellbeing at least every 3 months. They also supervise and train all Care and Wellbeing Assistants, and take care of other paperwork.    

Younger person and older person sat drinking and laughing together
Older person resting hand on shoulder

Care and Wellbeing Assistants

Our Assistants can help with personal care (for example, showering, going to the toilet and getting dressed). They could also help with preparing meals, taking medication, and anything else that is included in the Care and Wellbeing Plan.  

Additionally, they develop long term relationships with the people they support. They learn about their life, get to know their character and quirks, and do things  together that are meaningful and fun.

Live in care

  • Plan with Care can provide live in Care and Wellbeing Assistants.

  • 70 hours of care from one Care and Wellbeing Assistant every week (provided by 2 Assistants on rotation). 

Carer hold hands with older person who is sat down
Older person's hands resting on a walking stick

Day time care at home

  • Plan with Care can provide Care and Wellbeing Assistants who support people in their own home during the day.

  • This is usually between 4 and 8 hours a day, 5 to 7 days a week.

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"Life has improved immeasurably since Plan with Care put Neil in place to help with my husband John. John is blind and living with dementia, and we feel so lucky to have Neil to support us. With his quiet and gentle humour, he fits in so well. It’s lovely. John and I cannot fault him – we feel very lucky."

Marie, John's wife