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At Plan with Care we aim to ensure that our work promotes health, welfare and development, and recognises our duty to ensure that people are kept safe from harm; this includes the wellbeing of our staff and volunteers. 

Our staff have a duty to act upon any and all safeguarding concerns. A safeguarding concerns is anything witnessed or reported that may be “sufficiently serious to adversely affect progress and enjoyment of life”. This includes: 

  • Physical violence 

  • Sexual abuse 

  • Emotional abuse or bullying 

  • Financial or material abuse 

  • Neglect 

  • Discriminatory abuse 

  • Institutional abuse  


It could include the deprivation of someone’s liberty, such as locking someone in the house, even if it is for their own protection. 

Plan with Care will safeguard by: 

  • Ensuring that staff and volunteers are appropriately selected, trained and supervised. 

  • Expecting staff and volunteers to adhere by the guidelines in our policy, and to report any breaches by colleagues. 

  • Reviewing our policy and practice at regular intervals. 

  • Ensuring staff are aware of the policy and procedures.  

  • Reporting all safeguarding concerns to the relevant authority. 


What will our staff or volunteers do if they have a safeguarding concern? 

If any of our staff or volunteers see anything that they believe may be “sufficiently serious to adversely affect progress and enjoyment of life” they will report it to our Director or the relevant authority; usually the local social care department, but in some cases it may be more appropriate to contact the local police department. 


You are welcome to read our safeguarding policy here: Plan with Care - safeguarding policy.


If you have any concerns regarding the policy or safeguarding, please contact our Director. 

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