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Care and Wellbeing Consultants

Everyone we support has a dedicated Care and Wellbeing Consultant who spends time getting to know them in detail. They are your main point of contact.

The Care and Wellbeing Consultant will assess wellbeing  and care, put in place a plan, and then lead the team of people who deliver support. They solve problems and ensure that the care and wellbeing plan is working. They could:

  • liaise with the GP

  • organise an Occupational Therapy assessment

  • find someone to bring a dog in

  • manage a paid carer

  • help improve the home environment

  • deal with Social Services and Mental Health teams

  • arrange and organise the move to a care home 

  • keep solicitors and families up to date 

  • think creatively and spot ways to enhance wellbeing. 

  • be there at the end of life (if wanted)

Every plan is unique - it depends what the person needs to have the best possible care and wellbeing. This plan is reviewed every 6 months (3 monthly for people receiving care from us) and the Care and Wellbeing Consultant (and their team) is available at any time.

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Care at home

Plan with Care has its own paid carers (we call them Care and Wellbeing Assistants). If people need extra support to remain at home the Care and Wellbeing Consultant will organise all the paid care.


They will visit and review the Care and Wellbeing plan every 3 months. They also supervise and train all Care and Wellbeing Assistants and sort out other paperwork, such as insurance.

Care at Home  Consultants
Care and Wellbeing Consultants

Help to navigate social services

We offer support to families to negotiate the maze of social services We are a multi-disciplinary team and we can:


  • Help complete attendance allowance forms. 

  • Scrutinise reports by social workers and offer feedback.

  • Offer advice about how to deal with disputes with social services. 

  • Offer support and advice about eligibility and referrals.

  • Be a point of liaison with social service or care homes.

  • Write reports or assessments in support of eligibility for services. 

  • Make referrals on your behalf.

  • Help look for care homes or care agencies.

  • Provide fixed cost mental capacity assessments.

  • Provide COP3 assessments for Deputyship and certificate provision for Lasting Power of Attorney.

Care and Wellbeing plan

Care homes

Care and Wellbeing Consultants also work with people who live in care homes. We can work closely with the home so they can work towards the Care and Wellbeing plan’s recommendations. We can provide additional services and reassurance that wellbeing is being maximised.  

Many of the people we support in care homes  benefit from having a handpicked Wellbeing Companion who shares similar interests.
They provide companionship and bring joy and positivity; they can also help solve problems and spot opportunities to further enhance wellbeing.


Would you like to find out more? 

Get in touch to find out how one of our Care and Wellbeing Consultants could support your family

"Plan with Care have made a real difference to the lives of our clients. By suggesting adjustments and improvements to their care, facilitating activities and experiences and taking the time to get to know each individual and their circumstances they have enabled our clients to live the fullest lives possible."

Toby Crump, Hallett & Co Solicitors 

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