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Empowering people to live more actively - Pendent Alarms Overview

Pendent Alarms are a great idea for anyone physically frailing. Even if it's never used, its presence tends to give peace of mind which empowers the individual to live more freely.

Doreen lives alone in a large house, and although she is very active as a member of several clubs and with a range of visitors, her confidence has been knocked after a few minor falls and one serious one. For Doreen, her alarm system is the difference between her feeling safe to still live at home alone, or moving into a home. Unfamiliar with mobile phone technology, her pendant is a simple red button. Once pushed, the staff liaise with her through a loud speaker about what has happened and make the call to an ambulance if required, also alerting her children.

There are several companies that provide alarm services in the event of an emergency when one may not be in reach of a phone.

Alarms differ in that:

  • some are bracelets, others are necklaces

  • some automatically call a pre-set number such as a relative, others will call a central office line or go straight to 999

  • some need a landline, others work off mobile and/or wifi signals

  • some include two-way communication within the wearable device or mounted nearby, so the individual can talk to the person

  • some need regular recharging of batteries

  • some include GPS tracking so include location details

  • each service will have a different geographical range from the house that the technology works across

The most important thing is whether the individual can understand how to use the alarm system. If the person does not have capacity to trigger an alarm, then other technologies such as motion sensors, falls alarms and GPS tracking may be more appropriate

Install a key safe on the outside of the individual's building for easy emergency access


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