You will have a single point of contact. They will take the time to understand your needs and can help to make important life decisions such as staying at home, or moving into care.


We provide a plan that gives you a good idea of what the future holds for your care, lifestyle and finances. We give you a good indication of what your care needs are now, and what they are likely to be in 3 years, 10 years and beyond; the kind of care services that would be suitable to meet your needs; and the indicative costs.


We identify what’s important to you in your life, and provide suggestions as to how to still get those things as your care needs increase. We provide you with options to fund your care and lifestyle over the period of time you are likely to need care, and options to take care of your family financially and emotionally.

Our experienced consultant visits you to develop a care and lifestyle plan to meet your needs. We have appointed a firm of independent financial planners who create a financial plan to help you understand which options are affordable.


The financial planners work directly with our care consultant to provide you with a realistic assessment of how far your money will go, they lay out the options you have to pay for your care, and to provide for your family and lifestyle, there will be no direct contact between the financial planner and you as the client, and as such there will be no marketing of financial services to you.



In your consultation:

• We meet with you and your family or representative to understand your needs and what’s important to you.

• We provide verbal feedback on your situation

You decide if you would like to move forward with a full report and memvership

In your initial assessment and report:


• We’ll conduct an Initial wellbeing assessment report which will cover: physical, emotional, environmental,

legal and financial wellbeing.

• A projection of likely needs, timescales and costs enables you to plan effectively and avoid crises.

• At the heart of the report is a wellbeing plan to maximise quality of life whatever the circumstance.

In your ongoing wellbeing support membership:

• We’ll provide two assesments per year.

• Regular reports will be written and recommendations will be made as a result.

• We’re at the end of the phone for support and advice when needed (two hours pa included in membership).

• Additional support is provided with a 25% discount.


Your only commitment in the first instance is for the consultation with a deposit of £300, if after having the consultation and verbal assessment and advice you don’t wish to proceed then there is nothing further to pay.

If you do wish to take out membership with us there is an initial fee of £550 for the report, including financial report, and then £75 per month membership fee, which you can cancel at anytime.

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