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We aren’t a Care Agency

Plan with Care doesn’t have a bank of carers, ready to go anywhere at a moment’s notice. We take the time to understand exactly what and who would enable the person who needs support to flourish. Once we know who we are looking for we recruit just the right person.

  • Is it a vegan, piano-playing highly experienced carer needed to help you shower in the morning, cook lunch and walk your Great Dane?

  • Or a lively Spanish speaker passionate about jazz wanted to visit someone living in a care home twice a week?

  • How about a very gentle but firm and humorous person with counselling skills to work with someone with extremely high anxiety to ensure they can stay living safely at home?

  • Or a dementia care expert needed to mediate between two sides of the family, currently at loggerheads over what is best for mum and dad?

Each person is unique, so each role is unique. All the relationships we build are an opportunity for the person we support and our growing community of Wellbeing Companions, Care and Wellbeing Assistants and Consultants.

Get in touch on 01303 764576 or email and we can have a chat about how we can best help you plan for your future.

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