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Peace of mind for solicitors with Wellbeing Companionship

Not every older person has family and friends who visit regularly, and many will say they are lonely even when living in a care home.

Solicitors report that they often feel guilty - they know a person needs more meaningful social interaction, but as professional Power of Attorney they aren’t the appropriate person to provide this.

On a special day out with a wellbeing companion - lady drinking champagne outside with sun glasses on
On a special day out with a wellbeing companion

The personal care side of things may not be the issue, instead it is the emotional and social side of life that needs attention.

Which is why we offer Wellbeing Companions. No matter the circumstances of a person’s environment and physical health, a Wellbeing Companion is there to give undivided attention to a person’s psychological health.

Wellbeing Companions are chosen carefully - we match personality preferences, interests and hobbies.

The Companion writes a little report after each visit, which solicitors can see through our Solicitor Portal.

With very little effort, solicitors can see the evidence of how the person they are responsible for is feeling and enjoying life, along with any issues being flagged up and dealt with along the way.

Each month there is a brief wellbeing review, and we’ll summarise all of the support and improvements in quality of life into our six-monthly wellbeing reports.

Please get in touch if you think one of your clients could do with a bit of quality time with a person they trust and can have a good natter with once or twice a week.

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