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Communication and Collaboration: The Role of Our Creative Companions

At Plan with Care, our Creative Companions play an integral role in supporting the people we work with. Their commitment and dedication, plus their willingness to lend a hand wherever needed, never cease to amaze us.

But our Creative Companions provide more than dedicated support. It is their ability to identify issues, find solutions and work with others that truly defines their role in people’s lives. By collaborating and communicating every step of the way, they make life easier for everyone they interact with on the support journey.

Providing creative solutions

One of the most remarkable qualities we see in our Creative Companions is their sheer ingenuity – we are often surprised and delighted to hear some of the heart-warming stories about how our Creative Companions have been helping people. They deliver life-improving results every day!

For example, a care home manager explained to one of our Creative Companions that one of the people we were visiting had become very attached to the care home’s comforting robotic cat – so much so that she was finding it hard to share the cat with anyone else in the home. Our Creative Companion leapt into action, working with us to find a second cat for the lady to have all to herself. They even delivered the cat to her on Christmas Eve! The whole Plan with Care team is looking forward to the next update on how she is getting on with her new cat – including finding out the name she decided on.

Identifying essential information

Sometimes our Creative Companions find themselves perfectly placed to find a missing piece of information when it comes to helping one of the people we work with. No process is perfect, and an extra perspective can sometimes make all the difference to an outcome.

On such an occasion, a Creative Companion mentioned that one of the people she worked with would like to be visited by a priest. When we called the care home and mentioned this, they confirmed that she had already been visited by a priest. However, as the conversation progressed, we realised that she had been visited by a Protestant rather than a Catholic priest – and she was a Catholic. Once this confusion had been resolved, we were more than happy to help solve the problem, and we located a Catholic church nearby to arrange a visit.

On another occasion, a Companion noticed that the person she was visiting needed to have her nails cut – but it was unclear who usually did this, and she wanted to find her regular therapist so that she would see a familiar face. This required some detective work, but our Companion managed to solve the puzzle and organise the appointment.

Keeping the communication channels open

We work closely with the people we support, wherever they live, to ensure that they have everything they need to feel safe, secure and cared for. Sometimes this involves communicating with care homes to identify any upcoming needs, such as purchasing and delivering toiletries or clothes – a task that our Creative Companions enthusiastically embrace.

Not all the people we support are in care homes, however, and, in these cases, our communication with our Creative Companions is equally important. If an urgent problem arises – perhaps requiring a plumber or an electrician – we can rest easy knowing that our Creative Companions are on the case. For example, one of our Creative Companions recently saved the day when one of the people we support was in urgent need of a locksmith! The Companion went straight to the house, waited for the locksmith to arrive, ensured that the situation had been resolved, and helped with the payment.

Celebrating our Creative Companions

At Plan with Care, we have one common purpose – creating the best outcomes for the people we support. Communication and collaboration are the keys to our success, and our Creative Companions make the process of enhancing the wellbeing of the people we work with both fun and rewarding – for us and the people they’re supporting.

If you have any questions about how our Creative Companions work or you would like to find out more about the services we provide, please do get in touch – we would love to hear from you

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