C r e a t i v e  C o m p a n i o n s

At Plan with Care, we’re exceptionally proud of the work our

Creative Companions do. Their role is to provide support and

enhance wellbeing for the people they visit – bringing delight into

a person’s day.


What does a Creative Companion do?


Creative Companions develop a powerfully therapeutic relationship with the people they visit – one that is based on deep trust and a shared connection. They will learn about someone’s life, get to know their character and quirks, and facilitate and share in activities that will be meaningful to the person they’re supporting.


Sometimes, this is as simple as a really good conversation. Many older people are lonely, even when living surrounded by other people, and simply crave connection. Our Companions are experts at stimulating conversation and leading reminiscence activities. Other times, it can involve a bit more adventure. They might accompany someone to the theatre, go on a drive to reminisce about the places someone lived and worked, or perhaps go on a stroll to sample the best ice cream in town. Our Companions have a lot of ideas through which to really create that all-important connection with someone.


Our Companions can visit people who live in their own homes or can go to see people living in care homes.


Visiting someone’s home


If going into someone’s own home, this can be alongside regular carers – but the key is that the Creative Companion is providing something different to the carers. They are not there to provide care but to consider the overall wellbeing of the person they’re working with – to check they’re getting the most they possibly can out of life.


Visiting a care home


Many of our Companions visit people who live in care homes. Carrie, one of our Creative Companions, has blogged about this extensively, and her words always demonstrate the support, creativity and connection she brings to every single one of the people she visits. Even when she cannot visit due to restrictions, she finds ways to bring joy to someone, whether through writing or other creative approaches.


End of life


It is important to mention that our Creative Companions will often be there for someone right at the end. If needed, they can take part in ensuring the person they support has a good death, so they leave this world feeling loved and at peace.

You can read about how our Companion Ruth did this for a lady she supported called Clare. Ruth read Clare poems, brought in her favourite flowers, reminded her how loved she was, held her hand and arranged her belongings around her where they would bring her comfort.


Our Creative Companions


Whether visiting someone in their own home or in a care home, Creative Companions exist to bring joy to someone. It goes beyond ensuring they’re safe and comfortable. They think creatively about what might add a bit of extra sparkle and allow an individual to maintain a sense of purpose and fulfilment in their life – no matter their age or circumstances.


If you know someone who would benefit from having a Creative Companion in their life, please do get in touch. We’d love to help.