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Helping solicitors around the clock with significant decisions

At 8.30am this morning I received a phone call about one of the people we support called Sarah. The carers in her care home noticed she wasn’t being her usual feisty self and, as usual, they were brilliant at taking immediate action. The care home manger was consulted, and with Sarah showing a very high temperature, a paramedic was called.

Older lady - black and white portrait photo - Photo by Todd Cravens on Unsplash

It was decided that Sarah could be well looked after in the home, and that given her age and stage in life a hospital admission would cause far more distress than gain.

As Sarah’s Care and Wellbeing Consultant I was called to weigh in.

Even hospital staff will tell you that hospital is rarely a comforting experience, especially for someone living in the later stages of dementia.

Reassured that community nurses would be visiting Sarah in the care home - indeed the same team that would be seeing her in hospital - I readily agreed that it was in Sarah’s best interests to stay where she was in the capable and familiar hands of the wonderful care home staff.

A notification was then sent immediately to Sarah’s solicitor, so they had a record of this significant decision. They would also be able to see all following updates through Plan with Care’s Solicitor Portal.

Plan with Care specialise in working in partnership with solicitors to support their clients, fitting our services into their existing procedures for maximum efficiency. Together, we ensure clients and their families get to live their lives to the full and enhance the support the solicitors offer.

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By Alise - Head of Wellbeing at Plan with Care

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