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Enabling solicitors to providing exceptional support to older clients (without taking a lot of time or worry) 

The most significant improvements that Carrie has been able to introduce to Emma have been the result of time and attentiveness. These qualities, combined with perseverance, make Plan with Care an asset to busy solicitors representing older clients. 


Finding the time 

Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans… It is easy to wonder where all the time went. In The Law Society’s survey in 2022, 76% of respondents reported working over and above their contracted hours on a regular basis. This time pressure makes it difficult for solicitors representing older clients to improve their client’s social and emotional wellbeing. Also, they are often not directly responsible and often not able to charge fees for work they do. The result of this can be older people living in situations that meet basic needs, but are not properly suited to them and lead, ultimately, to a poor overall quality of life. This is where our Wellbeing Support and Companions can make all the difference.  


Making real connections 

Carrie has been visiting Emma now for many years and has built up an understanding of her likes and dislikes. Through observing and listening to Emma, Carrie has developed the ability to introduce creative solutions to meet her needs and also to spot potential issues arising. It wasn’t always this way for Emma. When Plan with Care initially got involved in 2019, Carrie would have great conversations. However, post-pandemic, Emma would spend a lot of time asleep or heavily medicated. This led Carrie, on early visits to see her, unable to develop their relationship. Both Carrie and Emma’s solicitor, Kay , questioned her quality of life at that time and knew that changes needed to be made. 


(Photo by Mike Kotsch on Unsplash) 


Emma has lived with dementia and Parkinsons disease for some time, which has seen her gradually deteriorate and become less vocally expressive. Despite the frustration and upset this causes, Carrie and Emma are able to have a good number of positive experiences  through the real connection they have with one another. Carrie was aware of Emma’s keen interest in gardening, so has brought a light machine that projects garden scenes and difference weather conditions, along with realistic sounds, onto Emma’s walls. Carrie was also able to recognise Emma’s distress at the volume of the radio in her room, particularly loud adverts. Instead, she requested that CDs playing relaxing sounds like birdsong, which was also set at a lower level. Carrie has seen first-hand the beneficial effect of these changes to Emma’s mood and overall happiness. 


Perseverance pays dividends 

Carrie embodies the characteristics of a Plan with Care Wellbeing Companion: tenacious in her pursuit of improvements for the older people she works with. Another client of hers described her as his ‘bulldog’ that stands alongside and fights for his best interests.  One recent example of an improvement borne out of perseverance is when Emma seemed to be indicating pain in her mouth/jaw. Carrie and other Plan with Care colleagues pursued a home visit appointment with a Community Dentist, which took several months to secure and did not seem possible at one stage.  

(Photo by Caroline LM on Unsplash) 


It can take a long time to implement meaningful changes like these. Solicitors like Kay can refer their clients to Plan with Care safe in the knowledge that all avenues as part of a holistic approach to care and wellbeing. This results in reduced levels of concern and a lighter workload. Wellbeing Companions, like Carrie, are committed to getting the best results for clients like Emma and are in it for the long haul! 

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