Wellbeing Membership

Ensuring the best possible quality of life for the rest of life.

We understand that the future can seem daunting when advanced levels of care may be needed, so we look at what your care and wellbeing needs are now, what they are likely to be in three years, ten years and beyond. With our membership, we call every month, and visit every six months to ensure the very best quality of life is sustained. 


Our services can also be provided as a one-off in a crisis, or on a pay as you go basis.

What’s included in our
Care and Wellbeing Membership?

Initial consultation, full assessment and report

Prior to your membership starting we visit you and provide a full report

  • We meet with you to understand your care needs and, most importantly, to discuss how we could tailor our care and wellbeing plan to cater for you and/or your loved one’s interests and passions. 

  • We carry out an initial care and wellbeing assessment and provide you with a report, which covers physical, emotional and environmental wellbeing, as well as legal and financial elements where necessary.

    • At the heart of the report is a tailored care and wellbeing plan, which includes all the ways we could ensure you or your loved one has the best possible quality of life.

    • We look to the future, taking into account likely needs, timescales and costs to enable you to plan effectively.

    • If there are urgent issues, we can agree with you to focus on them first before working on the full report. 

Your ongoing membership

Your membership starts after our initial assessment visit (unless you wish to cancel).


Included in your membership:

  • Your consultant calls you or your loved one every month to check in.

  • We visit every six months.

    • At each visit we conduct an assessment and provide an updated report with recommendations to improve your or your loved one's wellbeing. 

  • We’re always available for additional support and advice when needed (charged at our reduced membership rates).

    • We are at the end of the phone, and in person 8am–8pm weekdays and weekends by appointment.


After the initial consultation, assessment and report costs, our full membership costs £100 per month and you can cancel at any time. 

  • Consultation visit and detailed report: £600 

  • Membership: £100 per month

  • Additional support: £90 per hour (pay-as-you-go support for non-members is charged at £120 per hour)

Travel costs:

Our assessment and membership visits include 90 miles of travel (round trip) from our Folkestone base.

  • Travel over 90 miles is charged at £2 per mile (inclusive of travel costs and time)

  • We are often able to reduce the miles traveled as our consultants are located across the south east, and we often are able to combine client visits to reduce cost to you.


VAT is included in all our costs.

Cancel at any time

You can cancel your membership with us at any time with no notice, you only pay for the work done. 

  • Cancel prior to the day of your assessment.

    • No charge, other than any transport we may have pre booked.

  • Cancel or pause within 24 hours of your initial assessment (before we start work on your report).

    • £300 plus any additional travel (as per our travel costs above) to cover the cost of the initial assessment.

    • If you are unsure at this point, all we ask is that you pause your membership with us, and we will hold off any further work until we have confirmation you wish to proceed. You can just say this to your consultant at the end of you intial meeting with them, and they will put it in writing for you, or alternatively you can email us or call the office.

  • Cancel at any point after your initial assessment

    • You only pay any outstanding costs for work done and your membership to date.

    • Your membership ends at the end of the month in which you gave notice (membership fees are applied on the first day of each month).

You can cancel at anytime simply by contacting us, and we will confirm in writing. You can also use our cancellation form .


Would you like to find out more?

If you’d like to book a FREE initial consultation or talk to us about our Wellbeing Membership, we’d love you to get in touch.