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What makes us different

At Plan with Care, we believe the people we support should flourish and enjoy later life to the full – whatever their circumstances. The role of everyone who works with us  is to support everybody in our community to have the best possible quality of life (including themselves and their colleges).

We see ourselves as a quality-of-life company that provides care when needed, not a care company. Quality care is part of the picture, but it isn't the reason we exist. We exist so people thrive. 


Wellbeing practice is built into how we work, we prioritise our own wellbeing and we talk about it in every company meeting and supervision. This is underpinned by the belief that we have to look after ourselves in order to look after other people.


We are always striving to do things differently to make more of a difference to the day-to-day experience of the people we support - more joy, more connection, more meaning, and more purpose. We recognise that we are all learning, that no one has the right answers, and that by building an environment that is safe and fun, where it is ok to make mistakes so long as we take the learning from it, and work together to improve, we will have a great place to work that means we can provide a great service. The organisation is led by a creative care expert in Chris, and we are working to embed creative care practice into our work.


If reading this lights you up and gets you excited, then you're probably the kind of person we'd love to be part of what we're doing.


Our Values


We work in our clients’ best interest giving them power and autonomy so that they can contribute. 


Being related to those around us, striving to understand the people we work for and with. 


Doing things differently, in order to get a better result, being willing to try things out and learn from the results. 


Everything we do is focused on making a difference to people. 

Would you like to know more?


"Plan with Care have made a real difference to the lives of our clients. By suggesting adjustments and improvements to their care, facilitating activities and experiences and taking the time to get to know each individual and their circumstances they have enabled our clients to live the fullest lives possible."

Toby Crump, Hallett & Co Solicitors 

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