Plan with Care is a care and wellbeing planning company working with older people, their families, and representatives to improve their wellbeing.

Our Purpose

We want you to have the best care and life experience whatever your circumstance. We work so you can be confident that your choices are underpinned by solid financial foundations. We support you to live your life to the full, whatever your situation, and particularly if you are living with dementia.

What we do

We provide expertise, alongside hands on support and management, to help vulnerable older people have the best possible life.

We support families, deputies, attorneys and vulnerable individuals by providing expert advice, straightforward management and effective services that support in times of crisis, and help people to thrive day to do.

What we don't do

We are not the decision makers, we support decision makers to make the best decision for the individual with all the relevant information.

We are not financial advisors, we work with them to provide useful information as and when needed.

We are care and wellbeing experts working to support you and the people you love and are responsible for just as much as is helpful.