Wherever you are in life, we want you to make the most of it.

We exist to ensure everyone enjoys

later life

Old age should be a time of joy, relationships and contribution.  We believe that older people should have the support and expertise to life their life to the full, even at a late stage of illness such as dementia.  


We care about the wellbeing of older people

We know first-hand the experiences of older people needlessly suffering in later life.  Having worked in care we are passionate about issues affecting us all as we age. We want to help ensure that everyone enjoys the best life experience available to them.


Later life care and wellbeing planning 

We deliver care and wellbeing planning to support the family, friends and solicitors of vulnerable older people.

Your personal Care and Wellbeing Consultant provides support to help reduce stress and ensure the best quality of life for the person you are responsible for.

What does a Care and Wellbeing Consultant do?


Our Story

Chris and Nathan founded Plan with Care to make a difference to older people who need care and finance services. Chris' background is over a decade leading quality improvement in care. Nathan has spent the past 17 years improving access to good quality financial planning.

They've been friends for most of that time and realised that people weren't easily able to get high quality support to create and maintain a sustainable plan for wellbeing in later life.

"We want people to be getting the best support they can, so they can live their lives to the full. That's why we've set up Plan with Care."


"Plan With Care have made a real difference to the lives of our clients. By suggesting adjustments and improvements to their care, facilitating activities and experiences and taking the time to get to know each individual and their circumstances they have enabled our clients to live the fullest lives possible"

Toby Crump, Hallett & Co Solicitors 

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